Daily Devotional Week 43 Day 2 OT (chronological) Monday (2 Kings 22 – 23, 2 Chronicles 34 – 35)

Daily Devotional

Week 43 Day 2

OT (chronological)

Monday (2 Kings 22 – 23, 2 Chronicles 34 – 35)

Josiah became king at the age of eight. By the time he was sixteen he was inquiring about the expectations of God and thus he went throughout the land to remove the altars to the false gods.

During his thirty-one years as king Josiah restored the faithful leadership of his grandfather, Hezekiah, following the rebellious leadership of his father Manassah.

Josiah destroyed every evil thing that Manassah had built and located and destroyed that which even his grandfather had missed.

Josiah instructed that the Temple be repaired. He instructed the priests to gather and melt silver for the repair of the temple and as the construction progressed and the silver was being transferred they discovered a scroll.

When the scroll was read aloud to Josiah he discovered that the Lord was angry with Israel and Judah for rebellion. Josiah was heart-sick and tore his clothes and wept, then instructed the priests to get an oracle from the Lord via a prophet(ess) of God.

He commanded the people to gather to renew their vow of obedience before God. He also restored the Passover celebration which had been neglected during the entire period of the kings.

The prophesy contained in the scrolls was that the Lord intended to bring complete disaster upon the people for their rebellion but because Josiah responded righteously to the contents of the scroll he would not see that terrible day.

In his thirty-first year as king Josiah led his forces against the kings of Assyria and Egypt. He was killed in battle because he neglected to consult God before the battle.

Dear Lord, You know the hearts of every person among even a huge nation of people, thus even the right heart of a single king cannot redeem a people bent upon rebellion. May I constantly check my heart-condition with Your Holy Spirit so that I never drift into a rebellious mind-set. You allow us to choose to repent – turn away – and to return to You, and You bless us when we do. May I be faithful to respond with humble repentance every time your Holy Spirit shows me where I have had any part in disobedience. Amen. dmc2016