Daily Devotional Week 43 Day 3 OT (chronological) Tuesday (Zephaniah 1 – 3)

Daily Devotional

Week 43 Day 3

OT (chronological)

Tuesday (Zephaniah 1 – 3)

The prophet Zephaniah served at about the same time as Nahum, approximately between 650 and 600 BC. He prophesied to all of Israel and in some ways to all people.

He explained why God was angry and warned that the day of judgment was coming soon.

Zephaniah proclaimed the justice and mercy of the Lord “Seek the Lord’s favor, all you humble people of the land who have obeyed his commands! Strive to do what is right! Strive to be humble! Maybe you will be protected on the day of the Lord’s angry judgment.”

He challenged the people of Jerusalem “The just Lord resides within her; he commits no unjust acts. Every morning he reveals his justice. At dawn he appears without fail. Yet the unjust know no shame.”

Zephaniah concluded with hope from God Who “… will rescue the lame sheep and gather together the scattered sheep. I will take away their humiliation and make the whole earth admire and respect them. At that time I will lead you – at the time I gather you together. Be sure of this! I will make all the nations of the earth respect and admire you when you see me restore you,” says the Lord.”

The judgment of God would come against every nation, first in judgment-to-purify Israel, then in judgment to punish the pagan nations.

How is it that “The just Lord resides within her …” [Jerusalem] – yet they fell into such sin?

How does the same explanation apply to Christians in whom the Holy Spirit of God resides?

Dear Lord, You always offer hope, even as you punish us – Your ultimate purpose is to purify the willing and to purge the unwilling. May I be teachable so that You will not need to take extreme measures to purify me. Today I will celebrate and give praise for the indwelling of Your Holy Spirit and I commit myself to a more intentional walk so as to not offend You. Amen. dmc2016