Daily Devotional Week 44 Day 2 OT (chronological) Monday (2 Chronicles 36:1-21)

Daily Devotional

Week 44 Day 2

OT (chronological)

Monday (2 Chronicles 36:1-21)

Note: Kings and Chronicles overlap in the reporting of historic events …

Jehoahaz son of Josiah became king but only for a few months “… the king of Egypt prevented him from ruling in Jerusalem.”

The king of Egypt then made his brother Eliakim king – and he changed his name to Jehoiakim. King Necho took Jehoahaz away to Egypt

Jehoiakim was king for eleven years but did evil before the Lord so Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, took him captive along with some of the items from the temple.

His son Jehoiachin was king for three months and four days, he was also evil, and Nebuchadnezzar took him and more items from the temple to Babylon.

Zedekiah was king for eleven years during which even the priests did evil, defiling the temple, Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and the temple – taking the remaining treasures and those who were not killed were taken to be servants in Babylon – fulfilling the prophesy given through the prophet Jeremiah.

The foolish experiment with human kings, which the people of Israel had demanded of God, began and ended badly – just as He had warned.

Why would Jehoiakim act in rebellion against the Lord knowing the likely consequences?

Persia, the next empire to rise, was a region on the opposite side of “Sinus Persicus” (the Persian Sea) from Saudi Arabia. They would eventually control and area far larger than the Babylonians. The Persian people were Elamites, descendants of Elam, the first born son of Shem – one of the sons of Noah.

When have you experienced or observed someone entrusted with spiritual leadership choosing to do evil?

Dear Lord, You have been perfectly consistent in fulfilling your prophesies, blessings for obedience and troubles for rebellion. You have used both the faithful and unbelievers as instruments of Your sovereign plan. May I never forget that everything belongs to You, that You permit humankind great liberty to make choices, but in the great scheme of things Your sovereign will shall be done (with or without my agreement or my willing participation). May I be inclined to make myself Your instrument of blessing. Amen. dmc2016