Daily Devotional Week 46 Day 1 OT (chronological) Sunday (Ezekiel 20)

Daily Devotional
Week 46 Day 1
OT (chronological)
Sunday (Ezekiel 20)

When the Elders of Israel came to Ezekiel for help from the Lord – God instructed Ezekiel to pronounce His holy judgment.
Ezekiel reminded the leaders of their history of rebellion and of His impending punishment upon them.
Ezekiel asked the Lord what he should do because they were accusing him of mere “… eloquent figures of speech”.

Just as in Ezekiel’s day the enemies of the truth of God today declare the Bible to be mere symbolism without authority – absent absolute truth – therefore nothing to trust and nothing to obey.

Why would the leaders, who were in chronic rebellion, imagine that they’d receive help from the very One against Whom they’d chosen to unrepentantly sin?

God was separating Himself from Israel because a continued association created the false impression that He was endorsing their sinful behavior – and the devil would suggest that He was powerless.

When have you made a choice you knew to be in rebellion against God and then sensed a lost-intimacy with His Holy Spirit? (He never leaves a genuinely saved person but He is offended by sin – which creates a barrier to intimacy.)

Dear Lord, From the Garden of Eden through this day – and until Jesus returns – humankind has rebelled, choosing the pleasures of the flesh over the joys of eternal relationship. May I pause to consider the meaning and consequences of every choice through Your eyes rather than the dysfunctional eyes of the flesh-centered world. Amen. dmc2016