Daily Devotional Week 46 Day 5 OT (chronological) Thursday (Ezekiel 31 – 32)

Daily Devotional

Week 46 Day 5

OT (chronological)

Thursday (Ezekiel 31 – 32)

The Lord gave to Ezekiel an illustration of the pride of great pagan nations around Israel using trees.

He poetically-postulated that a cedar tree had human-like qualities of envy and pride and was so great it might elicit envy from the perfect trees in pre-Fall Eden.

He compared the Assyrians to that cedar tree.

He told of the consequences of the pride and violence of several nations and how they had all been sent to “Sheol”. “Sheol” referred to death and destruction – without hope for eternal redemption.

The fate of prideful Egypt was to be the same.

The Bible elsewhere teaches that “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. [Proverbs

The nation of Israel was being judged in much the same way, and for much the same reason, as these other nations.

Dear Lord, Those who have become proud, imagining themselves Your peers – have always been humbled eventually. May I neither imagine myself Your peer not associate myself with anyone or any organization that does. Please reveal any place in me where I may harbor a “haughty spirit”. It may be an intellectual or a social arrogance (judging others based on appearance, association, momentary-sin, race, wealth, etc.), or perhaps a works-righteousness arrogance. Amen. dmc2016