Daily Devotional Week 46 Day 7 OT (chronological) Saturday (Ezekiel 35)

Daily Devotional

Week 46 Day 7

OT (chronological)

Saturday (Ezekiel 35)

Ezekiel delivered a prophesy against Edom for their constant victimization of His people, especially when they were already troubled.

Edom lusted for the lands and possessions of Israel and was anxious to seize them once they lost the blessing and protection of God.

Why would Edom think that the same God whom they had insulted would allow them to profit from the punishment of Israel?

Edom would receive as they had given, losing what they had because they lusted after that which God had blessed Israel, suffering terribly as they had caused Israel to suffer – hopeless because they had insulted the only One Who could give them hope.

When have you observed a constant-critic or greed-obsessed person or organization, suffer just as they had desired that others might suffer so that they might benefit?

The Edomites forced the Israelites to make a large detour during the Exodus then later tried to take lands vacated in the punishment of rebellious-Israel.

Dear Lord, Those who speak and act hatefully toward You and Your children will pay a terrible price when the time of judgment comes. May I have the mercy to pray that those who spew anti-God venom, and that those who abuse power to harm those who love God, will turn from their sin before it’s eternally too late. Amen. dmc2016